Published On: Mon, Oct 24th, 2011

Music Tech Focus – Native Instruments 2012

Music Tech Focus – Native Instruments 2012


                                   Music Tech Focus Native Instruments 2012

On sale now! Buy Online or Get the App

Our brand new Native Instruments 2012 edition in on sale now. You can buy in-store at WH Smiths (UK), usual stockists in Europe, and in Barnes & Noble USA or…

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Just £8.99 (UK), £10.99 Europe, £12.99 USA and the rest of the world (all prices include P&P)

What’s in this issue

Inside MTF Native Instruments 2012

  • 132 pages of pure Native Instuments

  • Every new release reviewed

  • The ultimate guide to Maschine
  • Essential workshops covering:
    Kontakt 5 – Understanding its new features
    Studio Drummer – Making beats
    Guitar Rig 5 – Using the new sidechain
    Massive – How to make dirty bass
    Absynth 5 – Sound design shortcuts
    FM8 – FM Synthesis with the FM8
    Transient Master – Using TM in your projects
    Guitar Rig 4 – Synthesizer sounds
    Traktor Pro 2 – Hands on with Traktor Pro 2
    Maschine 1.7 – The lowdown on Maschine 1.7
    West Africa – Discovery Series West Africa
    FM8 – FM8’s Arpeggiator
    Kontakt 4 – Sample Instruments
    iMaschine – Making beats on the move
    Massive – Getting the most from Massive
    Absynth 5 – Patch design and creative effects
  • FREE DVD with 3GB of software demos, two hours of video tutorials, over 300MB of promotional videos and audio examples, plus 800MB of royalty-free sample loops and Kontakt instruments. Plus all the files you need to follow the Workshops.

Buy now for £8.99 UK, £11 Europe or £14 USA and World including Post & Packaging

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