Published On: Thu, Jul 17th, 2014

Sonokinetic Competition

Win the entire Sonokinetic library worth £2500!


As far as producers of sound libraries go you have to love Sonokinetic. Where others strive for the perfect beats and basslines for every dance music genre you can imagine, Sonokinetic strive for something a little different, so they have all sorts of instruments and libraries.

Just take The Carnival, an instrument dedicated to producing all the fun – and sound – from a fairground. In summing it up Sonokinetic pretty much sum up a philosophy that reveals they are very passionate about their sounds: “There is a certain kind of magic that radiates from the wooden dolls, the creaky mechanics, the lacquered cardboard piano rolls and the skilfully painted front. These instruments are meant to bring joy…”.

Then, in another completely different area, there are instruments like Minimal aimed at minimalist Philip Glass wannabes. When we reviewed it, we said ‘there’s little doubt that the colour and movement can really help to define and enhance the sonic landscape of your music – a surprisingly powerful musical tool.’.

There’s also Da Capo, an unusual orchestration instrument (‘an inspiring and intriguing software instrument that’s perfect for quick and expressive scoring’) and even a couple of collections – Trail Voice 1 and 2 – that are dedicated to producing trailer voiceovers. (Try saying that last sentence in ‘that’ US voiceover voice…)

The full collection of Sonokinetic instruments and libraries is as follows (including the mighty Grosso which we’ll look at next month). As you can see, there’s something for literally everyone…

Grosso, The Carnival, Güzin, Celesta, Yiddish, Toll, Minimal, Qanun, Accordion, Mallets, Ney, Da Capo, Vivace, Kemence, Nevel, Delphi, Sultan Drums, Aliye, Rojin, Yemenite, Fe, Tutti, Trailer Voice Exp. (Family & Celebration, Mottos, Sports, Branding, Mythology, Epic, Sci-Fi, Romance/Comedy, Drama, Heroic, Conflict, Journey, Horror/Suspense, Historical, Fantasy, Toolkit), Hurdy Gurdy, Shahrazad, H.I.P.P, Sultan Strings, Arpeggio, EMP, Voices of Israel, Toccata, Carousel, Desert Voice Refurbished, & Tigris & Euphrates.

With its collection, the company has won the acclaim of some of the biggest composers out there (including most recently the mighty Thomas Newman) and its sounds have appeared on movies, games and shows including CSI, Mass Effect and Skyfall.

So how do you fancy the chance of winning some Sonokinetic goodness?

This being MusicTech, we’re not just letting you have the chance of winning one title – they are all up for grabs for one lucky reader! That’s right, with a combined value of nearly £2,500 when sold separately (£1,400 as the download bundle) you’ll need deep wallets and a fast internet connection to get hold of these normally but now you can win simply by signing up to our newsletter below and entering ‘SONO’ next your name – good luck!


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