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In our latest six of the best we look at some of the finest cinematic software titles coming soon to a moving picture house near you…

Cinematic Software

Best Fantasy – Best Service Era II

cinematic software

Price €259
Contact Best Service, +49 (0) 89 45228920

There are loads of instruments and libraries that could be used for film soundtracks, and almost as many that could be applied to the fantasy genre, but there is only one Eduardo Tarilonte, the man who has made his name with amazing cinematic software libraries including MusicTech favourite Shevannia and this, Era II. Andy Jones said: “It’s a thoroughly astonishing collection – a museum of instrumentation and a fantastic resource.

For today’s producer it’s a wealth of history to tap in to and slightly left-of-centre instrumentation to make your compositions stand out from the rest. A worthy update to Era and the €99 update cost is well worth it. And those new to the Era world?

On the strength of Era II, it really is time to take a visit.” He concluded: “Era II has been put together in such a way that we can all discover some amazing new sounds and textures and apply them to many genres of music production.”

Best Guitars – Vir2 Apollo Cinematic Guitars

Price £280
Contact Time & Space, 01837 55200

Apollo Cinematic Guitars is designed specifically for sound design work. With 22GB of content from industry-leading composers and producers, it contains sounds that all originated from a guitar, but they include things such as slides, white noise and amp buzz.

We said: “This is a great tool for anyone working with scores who wants to bring a new level of atmosphere to their productions.

A very solid collection of guitars expertly tuned for use in cinematic scoring. Ethereal tones and stunning guitars that are excellent for atmospherics and soundscapes…”

Best Vocals – Sonokinetic Tutti Vox

Price €299
Contact via website

When it comes to cinematic software vocal collections geared towards film scoring are not exactly common place, but Sonokinetic’s Tutti Vox has several pleasing features, including a phrase builder for constructing conventional tunes and harmonies and a section containing a selection of spoken words.

Everything was recorded in the same hall as sister libraries Capriccio, Grosso, Minimal, Da Capo, Tutti and Vivace. As such, the ambient sound of Tutti Vox blends well with all of those.

Reviewer Keith Gemmell said: “There’s much to commend it – a new approach to choir sampling, a very realistic sound with unique and highly imaginative phrases, and all the necessary ingredients for cinematic productions.”

Keith concluded: “One of a kind. A complete library crammed with imaginative choir effects, along with sung phrases, spoken words, effects and good editing facilities. This is a first-class library.”

Best ‘Out There’ – Output Sounds Signal

Price £159
Contact via website

Signal is the latest instrument from Output, makers of the unusual but rather great REV. Its focus is towards ‘pulsing’ sounds – whether it’s a chugging synth bass, abstract glitching effects, or swirling arpeggios.

Mark Cousins said: “The creative possibilities of SIGNAL get really interesting when you factor in its pulse engines. This is the key feature that brings SIGNAL’s presets to life, adding various forms of movement and development within the patch.

From the imaginative, carefully-curated sound sources through to the intricacies and flexibility of this engine, SIGNAL is an instrument that’s designed to deliver a wealth of inspiring and intriguing sounds. Visually and sonically stunning , SIGNAL is a thoroughly inventive instrument packed full of distinctive sounds.”

Best ‘Up There’ – Heavyocity Gravity

Price $449

Like Signal, Gravity’s aims are movement, rhythm and excitement, and as such could be used to score any action flick. With a price tag of $449, it is by no means the cheapest collection out there, and with more hands-on tweaking and customising tools available than your average collection, it is more of an active instrument than a passive library.

Andy Jones said: “Gravity is a superb collection, made even better by the extra control. You might have to invest more money, but put the time in and, with Gravity on your side, you could be streets ahead of – or (sorry) above – the competition. There are enough features here to take sounds into a new dimension. This is both inspirational and effective.”

Best Percussion – IK Multimedia Cinematic Percussion

Price €99.99
Contact Via website

Well, the clue is in the name. This is an add-on sample pack for IK Multimedia’s Sampletank virtual instrument and has been recorded by Greg Ellis, a Hollywood percussionist, using his own impressive collection of weird and wonderful percussion instruments from around the world. You get loops that are played by the man himself, and he’s playing the same instruments used on numerous scores.

Hollin Jones said: “This goes beyond whatever percussion collection you may have and will serve any soundtrack composer well. A very solid percussion instrument collection, as heard on some mega hit movies.”

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