Show Off Your Studio – The Final Roundup Of 2017

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As we draw closer to the end of the year things get a little hectic in MusicTech HQ, but not so hectic that we can’t have one final roundup of studio shots. If you’d like your studio to be featured then head to our Facebook page and send us your high-res shots through messenger.

final roundup

Dodix Barth

Faz O’Grady

Frank Rogers

Fred Beaumont

Håkan Eriksson

Hein Gyii

Joe Cassler

Keith Osborn (Screaming In Digital Studio)

Kevin Vherbal (Fat Sound Records)

Konstantinos Mertzanidis

Krzysztof Wawszczyk

Mauro Nakimi

Michael Cabezas

Paul Hanm

Taimoor Mirza

Thomas M. Zeissler

Yusuf Işık

James Giannakis

Tom Goodson




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