CableGuys HalfTime Review

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Alex Holmes takes CableGuys’ latest plug-in HalfTime for a spin…


Price €10/$12
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HalfTime key features

  • Time manipulation VST/AU effect
  • 2x, 4x and 1.5x speeds
  • 9 Different loop lengths
  • Wet/dry with fade-in controls
  • Frequency band selection for effect

HalfTime is a fun new plug-in from Cableguys that’s based on the technology behind TimeShaper, and can be used to create slowed and pitched down beat and instrument effects. You can select from half and 4x speed for octaves, and 1.5x speed for 5ths and triplet edits, with a large button in the middle to trigger the effect on and off.

There are then 9 Loop length buttons that can create different chops, from super slow loops, to preserving the tempo and working like a pitch-shifter. Elsewhere there’s a dry/wet dial with editable fade in and out times that lets you create interesting polyrhythms and harmonies, plus a filter to restrict the frequency range of the effect.

There’s also a useful Smooth control to help retain transient punch on percussive sounds or reduce clicks and pops on sustained instruments.

9 MT Choice/Value

An innovative, excellent value time manipulation effect that’s great fun to play and program.

  • 9
  • User Ratings (5 Votes) 4.4




About Author

Alex Holmes

Alex has been a computer musician for 15 years, having a keen passion for beats, bass and all forms of electronic music. He;s currently involved in three different dance-music projects.