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inta i7
By MusicTech.net On Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

i7 Ultimate Music PC Review

One of the UK’s leading builders of pro audio PC systems, Inta Audio offers a range of models to suit the needs and budgets of people working at all levels of music-making. As we often note when discussing audio More...

By MusicTech.net On Monday, September 19th, 2011

3XS SA68 PowerDAW Review

After spending a few years trying to overcome some technical hurdles in the manufacturing process of CPUs, Intel now seems to be introducing new generations of faster multi-core chips with amazing regularity. This More...

By MusicTech.net On Thursday, December 16th, 2010

3XS SP15 Review

For many years we were led to believe that top-of-the-range laptops – both Mac and PC – were just as good at heavyweight pro audio and video work as desktop machines. Anyone who actually compared the two for More...

By MusicTech.net On Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

SA-i7 PowerDAW+

Anyone looking to buy a PC for pro audio use is well advised to use a specialist audio PC company since an off-the-shelf box is often not up to the demands of low-latency audio performance. Scan computers is one More...

By MusicTech.net On Saturday, December 15th, 1900

Pentium M Desktop

When choosing a PC for audio work, by far and away the best starting point is a specialist manufacturer. Special-offer machines from your local general PC supplier might be a bargain, but they will almost certainly More...

By MusicTech.net On Saturday, December 15th, 1900

AMD 64 X2 Dual-Core Workstation

In the fast-moving world of computing, there are a small number of powerhungry disciplines that are continually driving the pace of development. Among the most demanding are gaming, 3D graphics and audio production, More...

By MusicTech.net On Thursday, November 15th, 1900

MacBook Pro

Despite the stampede of musicians buying laptops for making music, the reality of audio production away from a desktop computer has always felt like something of a compromise: pedestrian hard drives, cramped screen More...

By MusicTech.net On Saturday, September 1st, 1900

CX05 Musician’s Laptop

It is generally accepted that the average desktop PC is more powerfuland expandable than the average laptop. But anyone buying a laptop ispresumably doing so for a good reason: a lack of space, perhaps, orsimply More...