Show off your Studio – 37th Weekly Roundup of the Best Studios

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It’s time once again to cast a light over some of the best studios in imagery that we’ve received from our audience over the last few weeks, we’ve got another interesting assortment of both high-end studio setups and smaller, more gear-light arrangements. Once again if you want us to feature your studio shots then simply post on our Facebook wall, Tweet us, direct message us or comment on this feature. Without further ado let’s get perusing our latest studio images…

Henry Heitmann - Best Studios 1

Firstly we’ve got this cracking smaller studio setup sent in by Henry Heitmann with some great mini controller keyboards

Mikel Eceiza - best studio 2

 Mikel Eceiza sent us this amazing shot of his professional studio environment featuring a wonderful central room feature containing outboard gear

aymeric marquant - best studios 3

Aymeric Marquant sent this top down shot of his fantastic studio booth, jam-packed with controllers and keyboard controllers

A great studio here in this shot sent in by Dejan Djurovic, featuring some colossal Yamaha monitors and outboard rack mounted gear 

An impressive little gear haul here in this smaller studio setup of Freznel  B Staana

Here’s an even smaller little studio in this shot from Giuseppe La Spisa – double screen and central keyboard control.

Jimmy Jerkovic

Show off your Studio regular Jimmy Jerkovic sent us another fantastic shot of his studio that we simply couldn’t not include! A room that’s been given over to music production.

Nivek Enrobso

Nivek Enrobso sent us this shot of his music making room, love the green over the desk lighting and the Yamaha monitors

Scott Baird

An amazing studio in this shot from Scott Baird – this is Novel Harmonics and it’s… well.. pretty awesome!


The interestingly named Oo DP sent us this great, slick room where he makes his music. Very cool


Rohit Raju sent in this fantastic studio shot – we think the brightly coloured wall might be a bit of a distraction though!

Ru Ka

The very chilled out studio of Ru Ka (check out that chair for some seriously relaxed producing!) 

Scott Anderson

Getting some serious party vibes in this shot of the studio(/club?) of Scott Anderson – we do rather love that lava lamp though

Tim Peeters

Here’s the very insulated studio of Tim Peeters, very space age and full of fantastic gear but still amongst the best studios we’ve seen


This shot was sent in by Tummala Abhyuday Chowdary and is rather gorgeous, love the colours and the gear arrangement


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