Recording on the Road – The Buyer’s Guide

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Are you in a band and looking for a mobile setup for recording on the road, composing, and, well, just listening to music with? Look no further…

recording on the road


Need some speakers to take on the road? We’ve got you covered, with Bluetooth for listening and desktop for monitoring…

Creative Omni
Price £110

We say: “Bluetooth speakers you could almost monitor with; certainly good enough to enjoy on the road.”

Audio-Technica ATH M70x
Price £261

We say: “A decent set of cans for the road: our mid-priced favourites.”

Fender Focal PassPort Studio
Price £420

We say: “Proper monitors to transport to different band member’s houses.”

IK iLoud Micro
Price £279 pair

We say: “The best small desktop speakers you can get, simple as, and great for bands on tour.”


From capturing audio with your phone to some ideal rugged ‘proper’ mics, here are four you can take anywhere…

Price £135,
Contact Source Distribution | 020 8962 5080

We say: ”A great iOS option to get audio into your iOS environment.”

Apogee Mic 96k
Price £219

We say: “A proper mic that plugs into your iOS device delivering the quality you’d expect from Apogee.”

Audio-Technica ATM510
Price £85

We say: “You’ll need an interface, but it’s a great, rugged all rounder.”

Shure MV88
Price £135

We say: “This is a great phone mic fore taking anywhere and recording anything, and you get some vintage Shure vibe, too.”

Mobile Interface

You’ll need something to plug those instruments into when inspiration strikes, wherever you may be…

Focusrite iTrack One Pre
Price £119

We say: ”A great interface – and you can use pro level mics with it.”

IK iRig Series
Price £69 to £179

We say: ”A great range of mobile interfaces for a range of musicians and recording tasks.”

Audient iD4
Price £110

We say: ”Many features in a small box. A simple and useful interface that’s an ideal portable solution.”

iConnectivity iConnectAUDIO 4+
Price £269

We say: ”A must for anyone wanting to integrate their iPad with their gear.”


You’ll need a mobile DAW to get those ideas down on the road and fortunately, there are four great options to take anywhere…

Steinberg Cubasis
Price £23.99, via iTunes

We say: ”One of the first and best mobile DAWs, Cubasis is great for making music on the move.”

WaveMachine Labs Auria Pro
Price £23.99 or £49.99 with all IAPs

We say: ”The most ‘pro’ app here – ideal to record and process audio.”

Korg Gadget
Price £38.99, via iTunes

We say: ”Gadget is still one of the best ways to get mobile musical ideas down.”

Apple GarageBand
Price £Free, via iTunes

We say: “All a band could need to come up with scratchpad ideas on the road (or in the garage).”


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