Music For Picture: The Top 5 – Software for Soundtracks

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Film and Television scores have become massively popular to the casual listener in the last ten years, and unsurprisingly, more and more musicians and producers want to get involved. Here, we take a look at our top 5 pieces of software for soundtracks and how each can create the sound you want. Be sure to check out our Music For Picture feature for in-depth guides to all things soundtracks!

software for soundtracks

Spitfire Audio – Albion Tundra V

Price £399 +VAT
Contact Spitfire Audio

software for soundtracks

Albion Tundra V specialises in the ethereal, sweeping, but often subtle moods and soundscapes that could soundtrack futuristic or melancholic dramas or games. We said: “Another very fine library from a British company that seems to have a great idea of what works, mainly because it actually uses the products itself.”

Gothic Instruments – Dronar Hybrid Module

software for soundtracks

Price £59
Contact Time+Space

This is one of GI’s modular software systems, this makes a wonderful atmospheric and pulsing soundtracking tool. We said, “The Movement and Intensity dials alone will have you off exploring new sonic paths and there is more than enough content to experiment with.”

Zero-G – Impact Designer

software for soundtracks

Price £69
Contact Time+Space

Given the number of trailers full of those massive, high-octane impact soundtracks, it was inevitable that someone would come up with an easy way to produce them. “Impact Designer’s creative approach makes it more than just a ‘preset bashing’ tool – it’s a great way of creating custom-designed cinematic effects.”

Output Sounds – Movement

software for soundtracks

Price $149
Contact Output

Output’s Movement is really an effect more than an instrument, but it comes from the prodigious brains behind REV, SIGNAL and EXHALE, so can give you great cinematic textures. We said: “Demoing the same creative spark as Output’s innovative instruments, it’s a highly inspiring and intriguing plug-in.”

Ethera – Soundscapes

software for soundtracks

Price £77
Contact Time+Space

The Ethera range did concentrate on ethereal vocals but Soundcsapes offers a well-rounded, fuller package that’s perfect for fantastical scoring. “The most rounded of the Ethera set, It gives you all your fantasies and complete control over them. If you are into the fantastical, then Ethera Soundscapes is fantastic.”


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