Bitwig Studio 2.4 is coming and it’s bringing some sampling magic with it

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Bitwig Studio 2.4 is a major forthcoming update to the DAW, featuring a massive overhaul of its sampling tools, workflow improvements and some new features…

Lead with the “Let’s Go Samplin'” tagline, version 2.4 is going all in. The update features a “reborn” Sampler, complete with granular and wavetable techniques, plus Repitch, Cycles and Textures for greater sample editing. Additionally, 2.4 brings with it new on-screen visualisations, the new ParSeq-8 sequencer, MIDI channel support and an updated Multisample Editor.

There’s no concrete date for the release of Bitwig Studio 2.4, but release is expected this summer where anyone with an active Upgrade Plan can download it for free. Beta testing will be starting shortly. For full information on all the new features head to the Bitwig website.


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