Gear of the Year 2018: Best Monitors

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We pick the best monitors out this year that are worth the investment. 

Gear of the Year 2018, Adam Audio T5V

WINNER: Adam Audio T5V

Price £299
Contact Adam Audio

The quest to find a decent budget monitor really does make the quest for the Holy Grail look like some kind of child’s Easter-egg hunt, where the parent makes it very easy because they want an ‘in’ on the chocolate action. “Spend as much as you can on monitors!” we therefore always bark. However, Adam Audio may just have built that invisible bridge to a cavern full of cheap monitors, and that withered old knight is there to defend these…

“The Adam T5Vs are astonishingly good monitors which are destined for widespread use – both as nearfields in professional studios and as sole monitors in smaller rooms,” said John Pickford. “They are among the best four-figure mini-monitors on the market, yet – incredibly – cost under £300. The T5V offers superb sound for astonishingly little outlay. Its accurate, wideband delivery betters some designs at many times the price. It’s a brilliant product.”

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Highly commended

PMC Result6

PMC Result6

Price £2,394
Contact PMC

And talking of cheap monitors… Well, okay, these aren’t quite in the same sub-£300 league but, as far as PMC speakers go, these are an absolute bargain – and you will not find the astonishing PMC sound at this price anywhere else. “Before the results, you’d have to spend a great deal of money to get that PMC badge,” said Andy Jones, “but the company has really come up with the goods here. Brilliant results! I could offer some more ‘result’ puns in this summary, but I’ll resist. The result6s are fabulous monitors at a great price for the PMC badge.”

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