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Ask Abbey Road engineer Lewis Jones your recording questions

Put your recording and mixing questions to the blockbuster score recording engineer.
Ask Abbey Road: Matt Jones, mic'ing drum kits

Ask Abbey Road: Recordist Matt Jones on drum recording and session stoppers

He also shares what it was like working on the David Attenborough Netflix documentary Our Planet.
Ask Abbey Road: reverb, sidechaining and budget

Ask Abbey Road: Recordist Matt Jones on reverb, sidechaining and where to spend your...

Abbey Road Studios recordist Matt Jones discusses his go-to reverbs, how to configure reverbs in a session and sidechaining.
Ask Abbey Road: Matt Jones

Ask Abbey Road: Recordist Matt Jones explains his role, checklists and how to get...

We talk to Abbey Road's Matt Jones about the recordist’s role and how to land a job as one.

Ask Abbey Road: John Barrett talks committing and how to use the Altec RS124

The engineer explains how to get great results from classic gear.

Ask Abbey Road: Engineer John Barrett on vocal mics, pet peeves and finishing a...

In this instalment, Abbey Road engineer John Barrett answers your questions about in-the-box mixes, the analogue mindset and common problems that he encounters in the studio.
Ask Abbey Road: Matt Jones

Ask Abbey Road recordist Matt Jones your recording questions

Ask the engineers at Abbey Road Studios your recording and mixing questions.

Ask Abbey Road: John Barrett talks Avengers: Endgame score recording

In this part of our Q&A series, engineer John Barrett recalls the recording sessions for Marvel Studios' blockbuster finale.
Ask Abbey Road: Andrew Dudman

Ask Abbey Road: Andrew Dudman on monitoring and learning the craft

In this instalment of our Q&A series with Abbey Road’s in-house engineering talent, senior engineer Andrew Dudman answers your questions on monitoring, basic mastering and how best to improve your studio skills.
Andrew Dudman at the recording console

Ask Abbey Road: Senior Engineer Andrew Dudman shares his recording advice

Our Q&A series continues as we put your questions to Abbey Road’s engineering talent. This time, senior recording engineer Andrew Dudman field your questions on recording and explains that sometimes virtual instruments can be better than the real thing.



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