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Updated automation and editing features in Ableton Live 10.1

Electronic music sounds better when things are moving – but you haven’t got enough arms to move all the controls at once. That’s where automation comes in and Live 10.1 includes yet more usable automation features
cubase automation

How to use automation in Cubase (Part Two)

Following our primer in part one, this time we take a deeper dive into the nitty-gritty of automation in Cubase, with tips and methods to work around common problems and pitfalls.
How to use automation in Cubase tutorial

How to use automation in Cubase (Part One)

Cubase contains loads of tools for creating and editing automation data, and practically every mix, instrument and effect parameter can be controlled via this data. We bring you the details.
clip automation

The Lazy Guide to Ableton Live: Part 5 – Clip Automation

It's time for our final part of our lazy guide to Ableton Live and this time we're looking at getting the most out of...

Ableton Live Tutorial: Envelopes and Automation

It’s time to augment your Ableton Live shows and productions with a more organic, evolving vibe by using envelopes and automation to the max! Martin...

Ableton Live Tutorial: Envelopes and Automation – Part Two

In the second part of his tutorial looking at envelopes and automation, Martin Delaney assesses the best methods to create and construct... 7: If you...

Logic Tutorial: Good Automation Practice In Logic

The effective use of automation can transform an average mix into a song that lives and breathes. Mark Cousins takes control of the faders… When...

Reason Tutorial: Become a Power User Part 12 – Automation and Remote Control

Getting hands-on control of your projects and automating tracks are both great ways to add interest and depth, as Hollin Jones explains… Before software became...

Ableton Live Tutorial: Creative Automation

Live 9’s latest editing and behaviour changes for automation have opened up new possibilities. Liam O’Mullane shares some of the tricks in our latest...
Reason 11 Tutorial

Getting to know all the new features in Reason 11

Reason 11 is here and, as usual, The Props have added masses of stuff and the extra, dramatic news that you can now run the Reason Rack in any DAW! Even more importantly, we can no longer call them ‘The Props’.



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