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Full Bucket ModulAir 1.0

Freeware ModulAir 1.0 modular synth plug-in out now

Fully modular polysynth plug-in out of beta.
Steinberg Model-E, Dance Music Freeware

Six of the Best Freeware Dance Music Plug-Ins

Here are six of the best freeware dance music plug-ins every dance music producer needs to have.
8 Freeware Vocal Plug-ins - Featured Image

8 Top Freeware Vocal Plug-ins – Cher and Share Alike

Want to vocode your voice, or simply keep it in tune? 'Do you believe' it can be done for free? No? Well, these eight...
freeware reverb - featured image

7 Magnificent Freeware Reverb Plug-ins

To tie in with our Essential Guide to Reverb – not to mention our Starter Studio for ambient composers – here's a list of...
synths for summer

The 10 Best Freeware Synths for Summer

We've searched long and hard for some all new freeware synths for Summer 2018 and found some absolute blinders along with one or two...

Record A Track For Free – The Ultimate Freeware Hub

Whether you're low on funds or just looking to get creative without any outlay, our ultimate freeware hub collates our step-by-step guide to recording...

The Top 8 Freeware Creative Effect Plug-Ins

In this mini freeware roundup, we look at some of the more creative effects on offer out there, which you can download for nowt… Stagecraft...

Freeware Favourites: The Reader’s Top Free Plugins

Freeware is a great tool in music technology. Opening doors to new creative adventures without taking a penny, it truly is the best kind...

Fantastic Freeware 2018: The 7 Best Freeware Real/Acoustic Instruments

Finding solid emulations of real/acoustic instruments is a tricky endeavour, one made worse when you want to spend nothing. Fortunately, we've 7 great examples....

Fantastic Freeware 2018: The 7 Best Freeware Effects

Are your productions in need of some decent after-effects that don't come with a price tag? Try out these 7 freeware effects. (Click each...



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