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Full Bucket ModulAir 1.0

Freeware ModulAir 1.0 modular synth plug-in out now

Fully modular polysynth plug-in out of beta.

Six best freeware music-making mobile apps

Making music on the go is made easy with these six useful mobile apps. Plus they're absolutely free!
Sinevibes Zap

Six best freeware experimental plug-ins

Make like Aphex Twin or Four Tet with these six free experimental plug-ins. Add swirling sonics, distortion or filters to create superb tracks without spending a single penny.
Steinberg VB-1 Bass

Six best freeware plug-ins for pop production

Get poptastic productions with these six best plug-ins. Oh, did we also mention that they're all free? 
MT Power Drum Kit 2

Six best freeware instrument plug-ins for rock

With these free instrument plug-ins, you'll be creating an instant rock hit in no time. No bandmates required. 
Steinberg Model-E, Dance Music Freeware

Six best freeware dance music plug-ins

Here are six of the best freeware dance music plug-ins every dance music producer needs to have.
8 Freeware Vocal Plug-ins - Featured Image

Eight best freeware vocal plug-ins

Want to vocode your voice, or simply keep it in tune? 'Do you believe' it can be done for free? No? Well, these eight...
freeware reverb - featured image

Seven of the best freeware reverb plug-ins

To tie in with our Essential Guide to Reverb – not to mention our Starter Studio for ambient composers – here's a list of...
synths for summer

10 best freeware synths for summer

We've searched long and hard for some all new freeware synths for Summer 2018 and found some absolute blinders along with one or two...

Record A Track For Free – The Ultimate Freeware Hub

Whether you're low on funds or just looking to get creative without any outlay, our ultimate freeware hub collates our step-by-step guide to recording...



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