Benn Jordan NFT

Benn Jordan tells artists selling NFTs to “just wait” for Ethereum 2.0 in explainer...

“Artists using the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains are environmentally irresponsible”
NFT Bitcoin

Month in music tech: the biggest news of March 2021

Here are all the new music technology developments from March that you should know about.
MTS-ESP ODDSound Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin and ODDSound’s MTS-ESP plug-in “redefines musical tuning”

Retune your entire studio with alternative and microtonal tunings with ease.
Aphex Twin onstage

Aphex Twin has hidden a secret in his recently-sold NFT

It hinted that the enigmatic producer has something planned for next month.
Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin sells an NFT with Weirdcore for over $128,000

The artist says that a portion of the money may go towards permaculture projects and planting trees.
Novation AFX Station

Review: Novation AFX Station

Updating a modern classic with a new colour scheme and a heavy dose of artist influence, Novation and Aphex Twin present a synth like no other.
Novation AFX Station

Novation and Aphex Twin’s AFX Station monosynth has landed

A Bass Station II sporting new colours and features with the help of Richard D. James.
Novation Bass Station II

Is Novation’s Bass Station II getting an Aphex Twin makeover?

A cracked code reveals a potential reprise on the beloved monosynth.
Polyend Tracker

The history of trackers

Few music-sequencing softwares have a history as distinctive as the tracker. With the epochal program now arriving in hardware form, we trace the tracker’s lineage, from its humble 8-bit beginnings to its era-defining rave sounds.
Warp Records Aphex Twin Novation Bass Station II

Warp Records celebrates 30th anniversary with NTS Radio takeover

A highly limited-edition Novation Bass Station II was up for grabs.

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