OSC/Par DEadmau5

Deadmau5’s OSC/PAR plug-in lets you stream tracks from your DAW to an OSC client

Transport info, MIDI data, automation and more can be broadcasted live as OSC messages.
NFT Bitcoin

Artists are selling their music as NFTs – and they’re making millions

The unique blockchain assets could be ushering in a revolution in fan to artist relationships.

Morgan Page breaks down his Grammy-nominated Deadmau5 remix

In this video edition of Under The Hood, hear how Imaginary Friends (ov) [Morgan Page Remix] was made.

Deadmau5 talks touch-control tech, redlining analogue gear and collaborating with icons

As one of the world’s most renowned DJs and electronic producers, the draw of Deadmau5, like that of the best artists, transcends age. With the commercial release of his own control app, OSC/Pilot, we venture into the mau5’s den to discover more about his gamechanging new software, his mind-expanding live shows and more.
deadmau5 subpac

Deadmau5 and Subpac support charities and give fans a custom Subpac M2

100 per cent of proceeds from the limited-edition mau5 Subpac will go to organizations in music
OSC/Pilot Main

Review: Deadmau5 OSC/Pilot

Have you ever dreamt of building your own touch control surface? This new software, road-tested by one of the world’s foremost live innovators, can make that a reality.
musictech 211 magazine

MusicTech 211: Deadmau5 is taking control back into his own hands

The superstar DJ talks collaborating with The Neptunes, being inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre and his recent move into music technology development
osc pilot

deadmau5’s OSC/Pilot lets you drag and drop custom control surfaces

Featuring an array of flexible widgets that send and receive OSC and MIDI data.
Polyend Tracker

The history of trackers

Few music-sequencing softwares have a history as distinctive as the tracker. With the epochal program now arriving in hardware form, we trace the tracker’s lineage, from its humble 8-bit beginnings to its era-defining rave sounds.
deadmau5 live getty

Dubset launches MixCrate with deadmau5’s label, mau5trap

New search options help DJs find tracks for mixes and remixes quickly.

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