The Beatles

Iconic Strings: from Bach to Britney – the POPularisation of classic strings

Feeling highly strung about your current project? Fret not! We explore how legendary artists incorporated strings into their work, and show you how similar results can be achieved with Orchestral Tools' LA Sessions.

Recording Spotlight: The Beatles – ‘White Album’

This year marks the 50th anniversary of 'The White Album', a double LP that is as innovative as it is inspirational. We honor this special birthday with a look back at the history, recording techniques, tense studio sessions and the gear used for this incredible double album…

How To Recreate the 1960s Abbey Road Drum Sound

Some of the greatest sounds in pop music history were captured in the magical Abbey Road. John Pickford highlights some easy-to-use methods to recreate...

Inside Abbey Road – The Hub

We recently gained exclusive access to the greatest studio in the world, where we were treated to a tour of the new studios, interviews...