Adam Crute

Utilising Beat and Pattern Sequencers in Cubase 9.5

Analogue-style beat and pattern sequencers are essential – and Cubase can handle them just fine without external plug-ins. Adam Crute shows you how... The interplay...

e-instruments Session Keys Upright Review – The Real Deal

Session Keys Upright is the latest addition to e-instruments’ suite of multisampled instrument libraries; Adam Crute tinkles its virtual ivories... Price £86 Contact e-instruments Session Keys Upright...

Tangible Sounds – Integrating Hardware in Cubase 9.5

While software plug-ins fully integrate with the DAW, Adam Crute demonstrates how to create a similar degree of integration with external hardware... Last time we...

Integrating External Effects and Synths in Cubase 9.5

External effects and synths are enjoying renewed popularity. Thankfully, it's easy to work with external hardware in Cubase. Adam Crute shows you how... We often...

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