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    “I can’t make feel-good stuff right now”: KYOSi on her current approach to making music

    New York-based electronic musician KYOSi (aka Dani DiCiaccio) has channelled her frustrations with the various inequalities in society into some colourful and vital music. We speak to this up-and-coming artist about her process and the ambition behind her alter ego.

    PLASA Show 2019 brings the best of live sound to London Olympia

    London’s long-running entertainment technology expo PLASA, kicked off at the spacious London Olympia on Sunday, where many live sound and pro audio manufacturers are...

    New tape reveals truth behind The Beatles’ final album

    After decades of received wisdom, and varied statements from the Fab Four themselves over the years, a new tape recording of a Beatles' meeting...

    Genelec unveils new additions to The Ones family

    Genelec, at Metropolis Studios today, announced two new additions to the highly acclaimed 'The Ones' family of point source monitors, as well as an...

    Paul Statham, multi-Platinum songsmith for Warner Chappell Music, on how to write hits

    One of Warner Chappell’s longest-serving songwriters, Paul Statham has penned global smash hits – including Dido’s massive Here With Me – while also building a tangential career crafting darker, gothic fare with Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy and his supergroup project The Dark Flowers. Now developing new artists for Warner Chappell and educating students around the UK, Paul shares his well-honed wisdom with us…

    The core principles of songwriting

    In the pages of MusicTech we tend to focus mainly on the technology, gear and the intricacies of music production. What we spend relatively less time talking about is the fundamental core of everything we do, regardless of genre; and that’s the compositional process itself. In a linked series of features, we explore approaches to making songs and tracks with practical guidance and experienced industry insight, as well as taking a look at the modern world of professional songwriting and the ever-growing interest in songwriting training.

    Ed Harcourt talks highs and lows of songwriting and collaboration

    Ed Harcourt’s songwriting approaches vary depending on whether he’s working with other artists or if he’s writing a solo record. However, having a strong sense of discipline and channelling both positive and negative experiences into the creative process are fundamental.

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