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Emily Lazar lets us in on her mastering process secrets

With over 4,000 projects under her belt, Grammy Award-winning engineer Emily Lazar operates The Lodge mastering facility from the heart of New York’s vibrant Greenwich Village. Numerous high-profile clients depend on her expertise every day and her tireless work in the studio is founded upon a deep fascination for music, as Emily explains…

Battle Tapes are ready for war

Formed around the attitude of making powerful music regardless of genre, Battle Tapes have earned a fanbase for their kinetic live shows and when their music was used in the fastest-selling entertainment product in history.

Cleaning Women can transform any household junk into proper instruments

There’s ‘unique’ and then there are artists like Cleaning Women – a three-piece band who build their own instruments from household objects to create fascinating music that defies categorisation. We speak to the band’s lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Tero Vänttinen to learn more…

Interview: Producer SJae on creating opportunities for women in the recording industry

A journey that started at the age of four led artist and producer Sammy Jay to depart her native Wales and relocate to Los Angeles. Her varied career now includes composing soundtracks and being executive producer for Howling Music. We sit down with SJae to find out more about her studio life.

Interview: Darrell Thorp on engineering Beck’s Colors and recording perfection

Paul McCartney, Radiohead, Beck… Just a few of the names who have worked with nine-time Grammy Award winner Darrell Thorp. His never-ending quest for sonic perfection has established him as one of the most sought-after engineers and mixers in the USA.

Interview: Alexander Archer talks life behind the desk

With an impressive roster of artists including Kasabian, The Cribs, Phoebe Bridgers and Sigrid on his CV, producer and engineer Alexander Archer is working in a variety of recording situations, from sessions with unsigned musicians to heading up Vevo UK’s live video recordings. Here, we catch up with the versatile producer and A&R guru...

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