Andy Price

Leo Abrahams on chance-based writing and successful collaboration in the studio

Sensorial, textured production is a hallmark of Leo Abrahams’ approach. Across collaborations with innovators such as Brian Eno and David Holmes to his co-written film-soundtrack work, through to the records he’s produced for the likes of Editors, Ghostpoet and Regina Spektor, Leo is creatively driven by a hunger to experiment and discover new sounds…

Steve Osborne on blurring genres with Happy Mondays

Steve Osborne is a producer with more than a few stories to tell. From working with dance-music icon Paul Oakenfold at Perfecto Records and instigating the Madchester sound with Happy Mondays to producing pivotal records for KT Tunstall, Placebo and U2, Osborne has lived and breathed the music industry over the last 40 years and continues to be an active producer today…

Emily Lazar lets us in on her mastering process secrets

With over 4,000 projects under her belt, Grammy Award-winning engineer Emily Lazar operates The Lodge mastering facility from the heart of New York’s vibrant Greenwich Village. Numerous high-profile clients depend on her expertise every day and her tireless work in the studio is founded upon a deep fascination for music, as Emily explains…

Battle Tapes are ready for war

Formed around the attitude of making powerful music regardless of genre, Battle Tapes have earned a fanbase for their kinetic live shows and when their music was used in the fastest-selling entertainment product in history.

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