Chris Mackin

Studio Interviews: Mirko Djurovic

Innovative design and a commitment to detail are defining features of Electrick Recording Studio, a Montenegro-based facility built from scratch by owner and CEO...

Loopmasters 3.0 allows you to add your own personal samples

Loopcloud 3.0 has been officially released, and most excitingly, will finally allow you to add your personal samples into the browser alongside Loopmasters' catalogue… It's...

Studio Interviews: Carabineros de Chile Theatre

We join Cristian Espinoza Aguilera, Ph. D. for a tour of Carabineros de Chile Theatre, which amongst other things features Avid's Venue S6L-32D mixer… Interviewee...

MusicTech Magazine Issue 187: Composing in the Cloud

Over the past 20 years the internet has transformed the world of music-making. Sharing our works-in-progress or collaborating with people around the globe is...

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