Dave Gale

How To Emulate the Sounds of Blade Runner

If you’ve ever wondered how Vangelis created that amazing soundscape in the film Blade Runner, Dave Gale shows you how, but without the necessity...

The Vocoder: History and deployment

Few pieces of music technology have captured the imagination of the public quite like the vocoder. Dave Gale tracks its development and offers a few tricks of the trade…

Six of the best Eurorack oscillators

With the ever increasing popularity of modular synthesisers, we compile our hit-list for the classiest Oscillators which adhere to the Eurorack format… Best Analog VCO:...

Rob Papen Go2 Virtual Synth Review – Your Go-To Soft Synth

Leading the charge for affordability, Rob Papen’s latest synth plug-in offers plenty of bang for your buck. Dave Gale gets set to Go2... Price £41.95 Contact...

Korg Prologue Review – A New Spin on Analogue

One of the big announcements from NAMM 2018 was the arrival of Korg’s Prologue polysynth, offering a new spin on analogue. Dave Gale investigates… Price...

Sonokinetic Noir Review – Jazz-Drenched Cinematic Scoring

Sonokinetic’s latest library draws inspiration from the Golden Age of cinematic jazz scoring. Dave Gale heads to a smoke-filled bar for inspiration... Price €299.90 Contact Sonokinetic Noir...

EastWest Hollywood Choirs Review – Sampling Greatness

Providing everything from Angelic to Epic, EastWest’s Hollywood Choirs package takes choral samples to the next level, says Dave Gale... Price $599 Diamond | $499...

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