Mark Cousins

How to control loudness when mastering in Logic

Loudness control is an essential part of the mastering process, but it can also be a handy ‘quick fix’ means of ensuring your rough mixes stand up to commercial recordings…

Understanding compressor circuit types in Logic

Logic’s built-in Compressor plug-in includes a range of different circuit types. In this tutorial, we illuminate the original compressors they’re based on, and the best ways to use them.

Review: Native Instruments Noire

With a host of editable features and an intriguing Particles Engine, Native Instruments’ Noire is an inventive look at the Concert Grand piano. Time to tickle the ivories…

How to program your own beats in Logic Pro X

With features like Note Repeat and a vast library of drum sounds, Logic Pro X is the perfect tool for programming your own beats. We pick up our sticks and show you how to get more creative with the DAW.

Using Alchemy as a sampler in Logic Pro X

Frustrated by the sonic limitations of the EXS24 sampler? Wish you had Native Instruments’ Kontakt-like flexibility? You might well have already! We unlock Alchemy’s hidden prowess as a sampler…

How to use Alchemy’s additive powers to create pads in Logic Pro X

Alchemy can produce some beautifully pure ambient pads, thanks to a flexible architecture and the wonders of additive synthesis. We continue to explore the synth to create some exceptional atmosphere.

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