Mark Cousins

Smart Tempo in Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X 10.4.2 has ushered some major developments in its Smart Tempo functionality, making it much easier to control your project’s tempo. We clock on...

Working with MIDI Controllers in Logic Pro X

Harnessing MIDI Controllers is an essential tool to exploit the expressive potential of both software and hardware instruments. In the following workshop, Mark Cousins...

Studio Horns in Logic Pro X

Studio Horns is Logic Pro X’s finest sounding ‘studio’ instrument and a great way of creating realistic brass lines. Mark Cousins polishes his Brass. Having...

Mastering the new Studio Strings in Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X’s new Studio Strings instrument brings a new level of realism to virtual string arrangement. Mark Cousins picks up his bow… Achieving a...

Track Alternatives in Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X’s Track Alternatives are a great tool for experimentation, but also a superior way of working with multi-track recordings, says Mark Cousins... Logic...

Using ChromaVerb in Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X’s ChromaVerb is a technicolour reimagining of synthetic reverb. Mark Cousins discovers why ambience creation has never sounded this good... Of all the...

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