Mark Cousins

Using Hardware Synthesisers in Logic Pro X

With a growing number of hardware synthesisers now available, it’s never been a better time to welcome some of these wonderful external devices into...

Sonokinetic Espressivo Review – Maximum Musical Impact

Delving into the dark world of aleatoric orchestral sampling, Sonokinetic’s Espressivo isn’t for the fainthearted. Mark Cousins takes a closer look… Price €249 Contact Sonokinetic Espressivo key...

Big Synths In Logic Pro X

There’s more to a mix-filling synth sound than simply pressing the Unison button. Mark Cousins shows you how to add real scale to your...

Distortion In Logic Pro X

With eight plug-ins covering distortion, Logic Pro X offers everything from soft saturation to aggressive fuzz. Mark Cousins gets crunchy… Engineers have long used distortion...

Distortion In Logic Pro X: Step-By-Step (Continued)

Mark Cousins continues to guide us through the many distortion tools in Logic Pro X, starting with Bitcrusher... 7. One of my favourite distortion tools...

Better Bass In Logic Pro X

Producing a mix with a great low-end isn’t just about EQ – it involves all kinds of creative approaches. Mark Cousins unlocks Logic Pro...

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