Personalised Guitar Tones Tutorial

The hit song is written, the killer vocalist is in place – now all that’s left is to create a truly distinctive guitar sound you can call your own. Rik Flynn explores your options.

Recording Acoustic Instruments Tutorial

Whether you’re capturing a full choir, a solo performer or just a few steel-string overdubs, the process of recording and mixing acoustic instruments offers some unique challenges. Mark Cousins helps you over the hurdles.

UBK-1 Review

Kush Audio’s UBK-1 aims to deliver character and colour rather than audio precision. Mark Cousins feels the squeeze.

EZMIX 2 Review

If you need a guiding hand or simply a good mix fast, EZmix 2 could be just what you need. Alex Holmes assesses its talents.

Instant Orchestra Review

Garritan’s latest release aims to help musicians of all abilities produce music quickly and easily. Keith Gemmell keeps score.

Steven Slate Drums 4 Review

Acoustic drums are tricky to record, but Slate Digital reckons it might have the answer. Hollin Jones rocks out with SSD 4.

sE2200a II review

sE’s 2200 models have long been its best-selling products. Now there’s a new one. Huw Price sounds it out.

SurferEQ Review

Does newer tech just make our jobs easier or can it offer something new to throw into the mix? Liam O’Mullane finds out.

Spectral Layers Review

In many ways, it can be easier to understand sound when you can see it... Liam O’Mullane explores a different approach.

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