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Review: Universal Audio UAFX Astra, Golden and Starlight

The most anticipated stompbox release in years delivers DSP modelled behemoths of modulation, reverb and delay to pedalboards hungry for classic studio and guitar effects.

Review: Synchro Arts VocAlign Ultra

The human voice rarely produces the same sound twice, so we edit endlessly to achieve 'almost-the-same' doubles. VocAlign Ultra proposes we spend less time doing so.

Review: iZotope Neoverb

Space is the latest environment to get the iZotope treatment, with a blended triple-reverberation engine, a host of under-the-hood controls and a fluid learning curve.

The Big Review: iZotope RX 8

As iZotope’s innovative audio repair and restoration suite receives its eighth update and a range of additions and improvements, we review its progress

Review: Native Instruments Butch Vig Drums

Created and collated by moustachioed drummer and producer extraordinaire Butch Vig, this is a punchy and crunchy instrument for the Kontakt Play Series.

Group test: What’s the best room correction software?

In theory, these intelligent apps compensate for suboptimal acoustics, helping you make mixes that translate better. But does the science match up to reality? We test the industry’s best and see which delivers the goods.

Review: Baby Audio I Heart NY

Baby Audio's first plug-in goes straight for the modern classic that has become a staple across genres – New York style parallel compression, with an emphasis on the Spank.

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