Will Betts

“I can’t get any satisfaction from pop music today”: producer Michael Beinhorn

Although responsible for a string of iconic 90s rock records, the Grammy-winning producer is venturing into the nebulous field of pre-production. We discuss physical reactions to music, why hooks aren’t always good, and the unenviable task of being the bad guy.

Algorithms, apes and improv: the new world of reactive game music

Video-game soundtracks can be impressively responsive, but with indie action title Ape Out, game sound designer Matt Boch has made a virtual drummer that can improvise along to your actions.

Stem mastering can solve mix issues: Cass Irvine of Wired Masters

It’s common for a mastering engineer to EQ and limit a track to ready it for public consumption. But what happens when a mix has deeper problems? As Cassian Irvine of Wired Masters explains, the solution might be stem mastering.

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