Lewitt Audio

Lewitt Audio talk history and tease a new product that’s been “a decade in the making”

As the Austrian microphone manufacturer Lewitt Audio approaches its 10th anniversary, we meet the company founder Roman Perschon to find out how his company has become so innovative in such a short space of time.

Review: Lewitt LCT 140 Air & 040 Match

With built-in presence boost, incredible build quality and an affordable price point to boot, we ask whether Lewitt has perfected the small-diaphragm condenser with its latest microphones.

Lewitt Audio LCT 240 Pro + LCT 440 Pure Review

Mike Hillier puts Lewitt Audio's new LCT 240 Pro and LCT 440 large-diaphragm condenser microphones to the test in the studio... Price £135 (240 Pro)...

Lewitt LCT450 & MTP740CM Unveiled

Lewitt have unveiled two new microphone designs, the LCT450 & the MTP740CM aimed at both studio and performance use. Read on for more info... Press...