Spitfire Audio Mrs Mills Piano

Spitfire samples historic Beatles piano in latest instrument, Mrs Mills Piano

The plug-in earned the endorsement of Paul McCartney himself.
Ask Abbey Road: Andrew Dudman

Abbey Road Studio hones in on remote music production with Audiomovers acquisition

The remote collaboration tool lets users stream, record and listen to high-resolution multichannel audio in realtime.
Spitfire Audio Abbey Road One

Spitfire Audio’s new Abbey Road One packs cost less than a trip to the...

Elegant woodwind and epic strings come as part of the ongoing collaboration between two revered brands
In Ctrl Hannah Coombes

In Ctrl documentary explores a young woman’s journey into music production

LNA Does Audio Stuff and Xylo Aria follow Hannah Coombes in the making of her first self-produced single
Abbey Road Institute at Studios 301

Abbey Road Institute’s Sydney campus to be co-located at Studios 301

The iconic British studio partners with one of the world’s oldest recording studios.

What does an Abbey Road engineer do during lockdown? 

Paul Pritchard talks acoustic treatment, plug-ins and why stable internet is more important than preamps.
ARI Sontronics

Abbey Road Institute partners with Sontronics

ARI students will also get to test out future prototypes from Sontronics
Abbey Road Equalise

Abbey Road Equalise launches on International Women’s Day 2020

The Music Production Masterclass is presented in conjunction with Abbey Road Institute
Ask Abbey Road: reverb, sidechaining and budget

Abbey Road Institute launching its first US School in Miami in 2020

Multiple Grammy Award-winning producer, Julio Reyes Copello, will spearhead the project
Oli Morgan Abbey Road

Ask Abbey Road: Put your questions to stem mastering expert Oli Morgan

Put your recording and mixing questions to the blockbuster score recording engineer.

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