Best Production Controllers 2021

The best controllers to buy in 2021: 11 best production controllers

Your mouse and keyboard are good for firing up a DAW, now these tools let you control it.
Google Music, Makers & MAchines

Google’s Music, Makers & Machines exhibition lets you play vintage synths using AR

XL Recordings, Bog Moog Foundation, ADE, Sydney Opera House and more collaborate on the online exploration of electronic music.
Daft Punk

Daft Punk’s gear list for their 1997 album Homework has surfaced online

Find out which synth made that classic Da Funk lead line.
Supreme AKAI MPC Live II

Supreme’s 2021 collection includes a special Akai MPC Live II

Hypebeasts, prepare to empty your wallets, the branded MPC lands later this month.
Volen Sentir

Show Off Your Studio: Volen Sentir make music on the outskirts of Moscow

The house duo share the gear behind their expanded live act and tell us why being away from the city is vital to their creativity
Roland Verselab MV-1

Roland’s Verselab MV-1 could be a worthy competitor to MPC and Maschine

By merging an 808-style sequencer, a 4x4 pad grid, and ZEN-Core sounds, Roland’s created a unique groovebox for beatmakers.

Gift guide 2020: Presents for producers under £150

Whether you’re looking to surprise the producer in your life or give yourself a festive treat, here are some presents to pop under the tree.
Akai Force Update 3.0.5

Review: Akai Force 3.0.5 update

In the almost two years since its release, Akai’s Force has undergone some significant improvements. The latest update makes it even more appealling.
Akai DrumSynth

Akai MPC and Force now pack extra punch with DrumSynth

Build classic and modern drum sounds in the sampler instruments.
Akai MPK Mini MK3

Review: Akai MPK Mini MK3

Continuing to build on its incomparable legacy, Akai adds to its range of products that combines the aesthetics of the old with the advancements of the new.

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