ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe

Review: ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe

Start your engines. We’re taking ALM’s turbo-charged and tone-injected Coupe for a few laps around a busy circuit. How well will it perform?
ALM/Busycircuits The System Coupe

The System Coupe is ALM/Busycircuits’ modular groovebox

A complete synthesis bonanza.
ALM Busy Circuits Squid Salmple

ALM Busy Circuits launches Squid Salmple, an eight-channel sampler

A Eurorack module for ‘real-time’ sampling, editing and mangling.

ALM/Busy Circuits Dinky’s Taiko Review

Dinky’s Taiko from ALM/Busy Circuits has a reputation for being a quirky drum module, but how does that fit into an existing Eurorack? Dave...

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