Logic Pro Tips distortion

    Learn to use Logic’s stock distortion plug-ins in our latest Logic Tips video

    Jono Buchanan returns for another lesson in Logic

    Our latest Logic Tips video explores sidechained gates

    This week in our Logic Tips series, Jono Buchanan shows us how a sidechained gate can create interesting textures which evolve with the track...
    Logic Workshop Ambient Shimmer Pads 8

    How to create ambient shimmer pads in Logic Pro X

    An intriguing way of routing audio plug-ins can unlock a world of ambient ‘shimmer’ pad effects that’s quite unlike traditional sound creation methods.
    Logic Pro X Tutorial – Alternative sidechain compression

    Learn an alternative approach to sidechain compression in Logic

    The latest episode in our weekly video series on Logic Pro X explains how and when to use sidechain compression.
    Logic tips auxiliary automation

    Go further with auxiliary sends using automation in our new Logic Pro Tips episode

    Our weekly video series on Logic Pro X continues, this time looking at automating auxiliary sends.
    Logic Tips 3 Automation

    Learn three handy tricks for optimising automation workflow in Logic Pro X

    Our latest Logic Tips tutorial goes deeper into automation options
    Selection Based Processing Step 4

    Working with Selection-Based Processing in Logic Pro X

    Logic Pro X’s Selection-Based Processing offers a whole new way of working with audio plug-ins that takes them beyond the domain of the mixer. Let’s explore how this approach can refine your mixing.
    Logic Tips Latch Mode Automation

    Understand latch-mode automation within Logic Pro X

    Our latest video lesson shows you how to speed up using automation
    Apple Virtual Acoustic System

    Apple has won a patent that creates a virtual acoustic system for MacBooks

    The audio enhancement could change how listeners interact with games, sports events, TV shows and more.
    Logic Compressor

    Compress to impress in our newest Logic Tips lesson

    Our weekly tutorial series continues, this week delving into compression in Logic Pro X.