Get the ethereal sound of reverse reverb in Logic Pro 10.6

With this simple technique, you can add an otherworldly element to your mixes.
Logic Pro Alchemy

Learn the power of Alchemy in Logic Pro 10.6

We give you a brief introduction to the deep, immense synthesizer so you can hit the ground running.

Show Off Your Studio: Parsley Palette keeps it casual at Soho Records

The young Londoner tells us how he keeps his crosshairs on comfort during recording sessions and explains why it can be best to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Logic PRo Low end theory

Learn how to EQ low-end frequency content in Logic Pro X

Time for some low-end theory.
Logic Stereo Output channel

How to configure Logic Pro’s Output Channel to elevate your mix

These useful effects and techniques can prime your new mix for sharing and playing out.
Logic tips Gated Drums and Basss trigger

Learn how to use Logic Pro’s Noise Gate to tighten up your low-end sounds

Tighten up that kick drum and bassline without automation and reprogramming MIDI.

How to give your drums an extra crunch with parallel distortion in Logic Pro

Time to harness the power of Clip Distortion.

Plug-ins I Actually Use: Maxi Meraki

The Belgian producer and Ibiza resident lets us peek into his projects to learn what it is he loves about Dada Life's Endless Smile and reFX Nexus 2.

How to use Logic Pro’s MIDI Draw to add expression to your virtual instruments

Velocity and amplitude may seem like simple parameters, but with the right editing they can inspire awesome parts.
Logic Pro Bitcrusher

Find out how and when to use Logic Pro’s Bitcrusher effect

Bitcrushing reduces the quality of your audio, which can be a useful creative weapon in the right hands.

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