Google Music, Makers & MAchines

Google’s Music, Makers & Machines exhibition lets you play vintage synths using AR

XL Recordings, Bog Moog Foundation, ADE, Sydney Opera House and more collaborate on the online exploration of electronic music.

Learn the history of British and American synthesizers in free documentary

GForce teams up with I Monster to explore the stories of eight synth pioneers, from Bob Moog to Ken Freeman
My Forever Studio header

Podcast S2 Ep10: KUU’s messy Balearic hideout

This episode, we're joined by Grammy-winning producers Alex Metric and Riton (Henry Smithson), two members of the new electronic supergroup KUU. Both hugely accomplished...

Podcast S2 Ep5: BT’s aquatic synth palace

In this not-to-be-missed episode, we're joined by electronic music veteran and polymath instrument developer, BT. The Grammy-nominated composer/producer is widely credited with pioneering trance and...
Behringer 2600 via Youtube

Behringer’s 2600 synth will cost only $599

Almost certainly the cheapest way to get your hands on a 2600 synth.
Korg teaser

Korg teases a new synth for 2020

Could this be ARP 2600 rerelease that's been hinted at?
Behringer Arp Odyssey Clone

Behringer’s Arp Odyssey synth clone available to pre-order

The first batch is already on its way to retailers.
ARP Instruments ARP 2600

The ARP 2600 is still one of the most prized synthesizers today, here’s why

Can you imagine using just one synth to conjure up an entire album? We hail the ARP Instruments ARP 2600 – the synth that created everything from drums to droids!

Vintage Rewind: Arp Odyssey

As we continue to enjoy the renaissance for new and vintage synthesisers, it’s time to look back at the ARP Odyssey, and look forward...

Vintage: ARP 2600

The early days of synthesis were responsible for many of the sounds we still prize today – despite some limitations. John Pickford goes back...

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