Baby Audio Spaced Out

Baby Audio’s Spaced Out is an otherworldly reverb and delay sequencer

Another multi-effects plug-in comes from the LA-based software developer, this time sending us to space.
Juan Dussán

Cyber Monday 2020: The best software deals for producers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for your plug-in folder.
Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor

Review: Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor

Is it getting hot in here? Baby Audio’s Parallel Aggressor spanks and heats up your audio, but how aggressive can it really be?
Baby Audio Parallel Aggressor

Baby Audio ups the ante with Parallel Aggressor plug-in

Spank your sounds and heat up your mix with a powerful, punchy compressor
BABY Audio Comeback Kid

Review: Baby Audio Comeback Kid

If the brand’s past plug-ins left you singing, ‘Baby, come back’, you’re in luck. Its latest is a low-cost delay with features far beyond time-based processing.
Baby Audio Comeback Kid

Baby Audio’s Comeback Kid delay is packed with flavour

Add sauce to your music and make it sound richer.
BABY Audio Super VHS

Review: Baby Audio Super VHS

Baby Audio’s lo-fi multi-effects plug-in rolls six effects into one to add the magic sounds of the VHS era to your tracks.
Baby Audio I Heart NY

Review: Baby Audio I Heart NY

Baby Audio's first plug-in goes straight for the modern classic that has become a staple across genres – New York style parallel compression, with an emphasis on the Spank.
Baby Audio Super VHS

Baby Audio Super VHS evokes lo-fi magic with ease

Six unique effects comprise the plug-in, minimising preset scrolling
i heart NY 1400x1050

Baby Audio simplifies parallel compression with I Heart NY plug-in

Baby Audio’s maiden voyage into software processing is a simple compressor unit that ‘Spanks’

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