Jon Maguire Studio

Show Off Your Studio: Jon Maguire’s Newport studio is a playground for UK Top...

He started off with a few cheap mics and an interface, but after finding success as a writer and producer, his collection of 500 series modules and arcade machine is enviable to say the least
Best Vocal Mics HERO

The best mics to buy in 2020: 16 best vocal microphones

Choose the right microphone for capturing exceptional vocal performances.
Chandler Softube Zener-Bender

Review: Softube Chandler Limited Zener-Bender

As two industry titans again collaborate on an in-the-box studio, we ask whether producers/engineers will be bending over backwards to get their hands on it.
Softube Zener Bender

Zener-Bender combines two prestigious channel strips into one plug-in

Softube and Chandler Limited bring history, class and sophistication to your DAW
Chandler Limited TG Microphone

Review: Chandler Limited TG Microphone

Integrating the classic analogue warmth of vintage studio desks into its products is nothing new for Chandler Limited, but with its new microphone, the company brings the internal components of a legendary Abbey Road mastering console to the masses…

NAMM 2019 Video: Chandler Limited’s TG Microphone is a Swiss army knife

The microphone’s specialised Low-Cut filter works with the Tape Equalizer to create a super-set of five additional tonal variations available from the mic.

Chandler Limited 500 Series Review – A Dash of Abbey Road Magic

A trio of characterful units bring a dash of Abbey Road magic to home studios. John Pickford takes them for a test drive... Price From...

Inside Abbey Road – The Hub

We recently gained exclusive access to the greatest studio in the world, where we were treated to a tour of the new studios, interviews...

Chandler REDD Microphone Review – Perfection Comes At A Price

Chandler has teamed up with Abbey Road Studios to create a microphone worthy of the EMI badge and heritage. Mike Hillier finds out if...

Chandler Limited TG Microphone Cassette Review

Chandler continues its reimagining of blasts from the past with this rackmount mic preamp, EQ and limiter. John Pickford plugs in to the TG...

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