DPA Microphones mars rover 2020

DPA Microphones will capture sounds on Mars

The company’s equipment has been fitted to the Mars 2020 Rover, which leaves Earth today.

DPA Microphones designs a reporters’ mic for socially distanced interviews

Modern problems require modern solutions.
DPA 4560 Core Binaural

DPA steps into the world of immersive audio with the new 4560 Core Binaural...

The flexible and versatile headset positions a miniature mic at the opening of each ear, simplifying the process of immersive sound capturing

DPA debuts its new 2028 and 4097 vocal mics at AES

The 2028 was designed with the aim to change the live performance landscape.
Audio Test Kitchen x DPA

Audio Test Kitchen creates a virtual showroom for microphones

The company use DPA mics to ensure a consistent environment across recordings
dpa microphones 2028 vocal

The new DPA 2028 Vocal Microphone promises to reproduce the “full, natural sound of...

It's best deployed in stage, broadcast and pro A/V applications.

NAMM 2019 Video: DPA 6000 Series subminiature mics

The new 6000 series from DPA Microphones which feature 3mm-diameter capsules will be receiving their NAMM debut later this month.
DPA reveals the new 6000 series subminiature microphones - Featured Image

DPA reveal the new 6000 Series – Their Tiniest Ever Microphone Capsules

DPA Microphones's new 6000 series marks the Danish manufacturers first 3mm capsules, which are being added to the d:screet™ Lavalier and d:fine™ Headset Microphone...
DPA d:vice™ - Featured Image

DPA d:vice™ MMA-A Review – A Handy Mobile d:vice™

Have you ever wanted to take recording out into the wild? Mike Hillier gets his motor running and leaves the studio, along with a...
DPA Microphones - Featured Image

Making Microphones: Touring the DPA Microphones Factory

With an incredible heritage of innovation and an ethos built on audio clarity, DPA Microphones craft professional standard mics for the music and entertainment...

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