Erica Synths Black Spring Reverb

    Erica Synths releases Eurorack spring reverb with DSP

    Black Spring Reverb pairs DSP effects with a real reverb tank.
    SYNTRX 1400x1050

    Erica Synths teams up with Riga Tech University to create SYNTRX

    The all analogue synth is inspired by the Synthi AKS.
    erica pico system iii

    Erica Synths releases compact modular synth, Pico System III

    Pico System III is Erica Synths solution to an affordable, fully analogue modular system.
    Erica Synths Black System II

    Erica Synths’ Black System II is a 16-module synth

    From synth leads to basslines to droning sounds, this behemoth can do it all.
    Erica Synths Pico Eurorack modules group shot

    Erica Synths releases three new Pico modules

    Unveiled at Superbooth, the BBD, SEQ2 and Noise are now on the market.
    Erica Synths Black Classic System II

    Superbooth 2019: Erica Synths launches 13 new modules

    Fresh additions to the Black, Pico and Fusion series.

    Erica Synths acidbox III Review – New Colour for Old Sounds

    Erica Synths momentarily steps away from Eurorack to offer a freestanding box of tricks for DJs and synth heads. Dave Gale sweeps some frequencies… Price...
    pico system 1

    Erica Synths Pico System 1 Review – Pint-sized powerhouse

    The Pico System 1 from Erica Synths is probably the smallest fully formed Eurorack modular you can find. Dave Gale shrinks down to Lilliputian...

    Erica Synths introduces DIY Polivoks-Inspired Modular System

    If you’ve been salivating at all the news concerning the reviving of classic old synths you’ll be very happy to hear that Erica Synths...

    Erica Synth Black Wavetable VCO

    The latest offering from Erica Synth adds Wavetable to its ever-expanding ‘Black’ collection of modules. Dave Gale finds out what happens when wavetable meets...