De-essing in FL Studio

Learn how to tame sibilance in FL Studio with Maximus

And discover how you can use Edison to manually attenuate frequencies.
FL Studio SliceX

Slice up drums and make new kits easily using FL Studio’s SliceX

Learn the art of chopping up samples with FL Studio's powerful stock tool.
FL Studio Insert Effects

Learn the basics of FL Studio’s insert effects and signal flow

In this FL Studio Tips video, we look at the essential parameters of Fruity Reeverb 2, Fruity Delay 3, Fruity WaveShaper and Parametric EQ 2.
MT212 FL Studio Step 1

Making melodic techno plucks in FL Studio

Want to craft simple yet effective sounds that will grant you access to melodic techno-inspired melodies but can’t pluck up the courage to get started? Reach for FL Studio’s 3xOsc sub-synth.
MT209 FL Studio TUT

How to mix and blend rap vocals in FL Studio

Not all vocals are created equally – and they shouldn’t be mixed that way either. The placement and resulting impact of a mix’s rapped vocal should be considered differently to sung parts. FL Studio presents some impeccable tools to help get your rhymes in time.
Image Line FL Studios 20.7.1

FL Studios’ 20.7.1 update improves NewTime, ZGE Visualiser and more

This maintenance update responds to user-feedback on last month’s 20.7 update
MT 206 TUT FL Studio Part 9

How to make ambient pads with just FL Studio Synths

From glassy synths and spacious crescendos to billowing smog-thick atmospherics, ambient pads have applications across all genres, and can help shape your piece and add width to your stereo field. FL Studio can help.
FL Studio Tutorial 13

How to create an old-school hip-hop beat in FL Studio

Recreating those classic sounds of hip-hop is a doddle using FL Studio’s competent beat-editing abilities. In the first of a new series, we explore how to take your mixes back to the 80s.
flex fl studio

FL Studio Beta 20.1.2 brings you Flex, a focus-friendly synth

Available for Mac and Windows with the next official release of the DAW.

Download The FL Studio For Mac Native Beta Now

Mac users will finally be able to see what all the fuss was about as Image-Line releases a native beta of FL Studio for...

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