FL Studio SliceX

Slice up drums and make new kits easily using FL Studio’s SliceX

Learn the art of chopping up samples with FL Studio's powerful stock tool.
FL Studio Sidechain Compression

How to apply sidechain compression to your instruments in FL Studio

Learn how to make your sounds pump to the beat of your drum.
Fl Studio Send Tracks

Creating send tracks to apply effects to your instruments in FL Studio

Route your tracks to reverb, delay and more with complete control.
FL Studio Automation

Learn how automation can be used to evolve your FL Studio projects

Here's everything you need to know about automatically affecting parameters in Image-Line's DAW.
FL Studio Playlist Organisation

Learn how to keep your FL Studio projects organised and streamlined

Here are some tips to prevent losing the plot in the creation of your masterpieces.
FL Studio Playlist Cli[s

Get to grips with Playlist Clips in FL Studio

Spice up your arrangement with some easily accessible tools in the Clip window.
FL Studio Tips Piano Roll

Become a master of FL Studio’s Piano Roll

Learn everything you need to know about FL Studio's MIDI and score editor.
FL Studio Tutorial

Master the basics of FL Studio in our free new video tutorial series

We show you how to start making beats in no time
MT214 FL Studio TUT

Vocoding in FL Studio

Fancy yourself as the next Daft Punk? Or just looking to add a touch of synthetic vocals to your tracks? FL Studio contains numerous methods to generate machine-like voices.

FL Studio 20.8 has arrived as a free update with new and enhanced mixing...

Frequency Splitter, Instrument Tuner and a new Fruity Parametric EQ 2 come with the update, among plenty more features.

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