MT210 Logic Workshop Step Sequencer

Programming drums with Logic’s new step sequencer

Apple has stepped up its beat-making abilities with Logic Pro X 10.5, with the new Step Sequencer making it much easier to build barnstorming grooves.
MT208 Logic Super Warm

How to build super-warm synth pads in Logic Pro X

The use of studio effects like Chorus and Flange formed a big part of the ‘warmth’ we associated with retro synth pads. Find out what Logic Pro X has to offer.
Weekend Workshop 15 May

Turn unused track ideas into inspiring new instruments

Share your results for a chance to win an Audio-Technica recording bundle.
MT207 Logic Workshop 16

Bass guitar processing in Logic

Able to transform even the most sterile DI’d bass into something that sounds like it’s been recorded through a monstrous rig, Logic Pro X has real low-end credentials.
Unannounced Loops Function Logic Pro X

Will Logic Pro X soon get an Ableton-style clip-launching workflow?

A now-deleted image on Apple’s site appeared to show the as-yet-unannounced feature.
MT 206 Logic Workshop Gain Staging 15

How to Gain Stage in Logic Pro X

The path to a better mix in Logic Pro X isn’t found in any ‘must have’ plug-in, but in a more measured and well-rationalised use of gain structure.
Logic Pro X Flex Time

Tighten up your grooves in Logic Pro X with Flex Time

In this video, we explore Logic Pro X's audio warping functionalities.

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