Ableton Live Vinyl Distortion Erosion

Learn how Vinyl Distortion and Erosion can make your sounds more interesting in Ableton...

Add a pinch of distortion and a light crackle to dust up your sounds
Logic Pro Sidechain Compression Reverb

Learn how sidechain compression on reverb can make vocals stand out in Logic Pro

Give your vocals room to breathe when big spaces are crucial to a track
Ableton Live Beat Repeat

Gain a deeper understanding of Beat Repeat in Ableton Live

Beat Repeat is a unique creative tool that can add flair to your performances and tracks when applied effectively
Logic Pro MIDI Humanize

Learn how MIDI Humanize can make your virtual instruments sound more realistic

We're not robots, so it's time to stop making robot music
Ableton Live Grain Delay

Harness the power of Grain Delay in Ableton Live

You can achieve mesmerising results with the right application of Live's idiosyncratic audio effect
Apple Logic Pro 10.5 Vocal Takes

Learn how to create effective vocal chains in Logic Pro 10.5

A vocal recording is rarely perfect on the first take. It's necessary, then, to apply some effects to bring it up to its potential. We show you what's possible in Logic.
Ableton Live Templates

How to set up your perfect template for Ableton Live

Cut out the tedious process of loading the same plug-ins and effects to every project
MusicTech BandLab Sounds 303

Download over 1,400 free MusicTech samples from BandLab Sounds

From vintage synth arpeggios to tuned sub kicks
Logic Pro Removing silence

How to remove spill from your recordings in Logic Pro 10.5

Get rid of unwanted sounds in a flash.
Ableton Live's resonators

Learn how Ableton Live’s Resonators can be used to design intriguing sounds

Get weird with one of Ableton Live's lesser-known effects.

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