Will Yip Stop Asian Hate

Will Yip & Friends Mega Raffle comprises gear from Rupert Neve, Fender, Ludwig and...

The Mega Raffle will help support the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community Fund.
Sam Grant SOYS

Show Off Your Studio: Blank Studios is Sam Grant’s self-built space for Pigs x7

Sam Grant, John Martindale and Chris Mcmanus’ recording studio wasn’t easily attained. We speak with Sam and hear the story of Blank Studios’ construction.
Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin gives you access to his sonic palette with the Two Fingers sample...

“These aren’t your daddy’s Serum patches, kids.”
TALA Studio

Show Off Your Studio: TALA’s globetrotting workspace is primed for collaboration

Pack your bags – we’re following TĀLĀ and her studio around the world.
Jon Maguire Studio

Show Off Your Studio: Jon Maguire’s Newport studio is a playground for UK Top...

He started off with a few cheap mics and an interface, but after finding success as a writer and producer, his collection of 500 series modules and arcade machine is enviable to say the least
Robbie Robertson Neve 8014

The Band’s Robbie Robertson is selling his legendary 16-channel Neve 8014

This console has processed the sounds of Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and The Wolf of Wall Street. Would you pay the price for its grandeur?
Universal Audio Neve Dynamics Collection

UA launches Neve Dynamics Collection and API Summing extension for Luna

Software emulations of workhorse studio compressors and more.
AMS Neve 1073 OPX

Review: AMS Neve 1073 OPX 

As AMS Neve commemorates 50 years of its iconic 1073 mic preamp with a contemporary variant designed with the modern studio in mind, we look to the past, present and future to determine its usefulness.

Podcast S2 Ep4: Austen Jux-Chandler isn’t starting a cult

Austen Jux-Chandler is an award-winning British engineer who’s worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, A$AP Rocky and John Legend. And, his...
Neve Master Buss Converter

Rupert Neve Design’s new MBC strives for ultimate clarity in your mix

The A/D converter operates at 24-bit/192kHz and boasts analogue drive paths

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