Jordan Rakei

Jordan Rakei’s new YouTube series shows him making ‘A Song From Nothing’

The talented Ninja Tune artist breaks down his production techniques and process.
Jamm Pro

After 25 years in development, Ninja Tune Founders release Jamm Pro

Coldcut’s live performance tool is now available to the public
Matt Black

Matt Black on the legacy of Coldcut, the values of Ninja Tune and building...

Part of the iconic duo Coldcut and a founder of one of the industry’s most prominent labels, Ninja Tune, Matt Black speaks to us about his illustrious career, as well as some brand-new inventions that he co-created.
Ninja Tune Zen Delay

Legendary record label, Ninja Tune, break into the hardware world with Zen Delay.

Matt Black, founder of Ninja Tune and one half of the electronic music duo Coldcut, headed to Berlin’s trailblazing Superbooth show earlier this year...

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