Novation Launchpads

    Review: Novation Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini Mk3

    It’s hard to believe that Novation’s now ubiquitous Launchpad concept is a decade old, and to mark the occasion we have a very special new ‘X’ version, as well as an update to the increasingly.

    Best hardware of NAMM 2020

    Eight of the best pieces of hardware from this year's show.
    arturia keystep pro with laptop, modular rig and microfreak

    Best gear of NAMM 2020

    Find out who makes the cut in this year's roundup of best gear.
    Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3

    Demo: Novation’s Launchpad Pro Mk3 has a built-in sequencer

    Introduced at NAMM 2020, the new controller has a built-in four-track, 32-step polyphonic sequencer and dual MIDI outs.
    Launchkey Mini Mk3

    Review: Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3

    Novation’s latest controller is one of the most compact keyboard and pad controllers designed to work with Ableton Live (and more). Ready for lift off?
    Novation Summit

    Review: Novation Summit

    Novation’s Peak synth came out a couple of years ago, to great acclaim. Will the company’s Summit, effectively twin Peaks, have you falling for it?
    Novation Launchpad X & Launchpad Mini

    Novation continues its Launchpad legacy with Launchpad X and Mini MK3

    The release marks a ten year anniversary since the birth of the original Launchpad
    Novation London Storefront

    Novation opens Shoreditch pop-up store, with a series of events planned

    The store will offer workshops, live music, and the opportunity to buy Novation products.
    Ampify Sounds Lee Malcolm AKA Jinjé

    Ampify Sounds celebrates its launch with sounds from Jinjé

    Creator of Launchpad, Blocs Wave and Groovebox apps presents Ampify Sounds
    Lo-Fi Ambient Tools 1400x1050

    Get Lo-fi with three plugins from Novation’s Sound Collective

    The Lo-Fi Ambient Tools suite is a free download for members of the Sound Collective community.