Junkie XL Justice League

Junkie XL breaks down his chart-topping Justice League soundtrack in new show

Learn the techniques used in the heroic four-hour score, starting with the track Crew At Warpower.
Orchestral Tools Umbra

Orchestral Tools says Umbra is a “godsend for video game composers”

The brand’s affordable Creative Soundpack merges Middle-American flutes, wooden drums and a bass vocalist
Orchestral Tools SINEfactory

SINEfactory is Orchestral Tools’ free sampling subscription service

Three free instruments come in the first instalment of the Berlin-based brand’s new initiative
Orchestral Tools Iconic Strings

Iconic Strings: from Bach to Britney – the POPularisation of classic strings

Feeling highly strung about your current project? Fret not! We explore how legendary artists incorporated strings into their work, and show you how similar results can be achieved with Orchestral Tools' LA Sessions.
Orchestral Tools LA Sessions

Orchestral Tools LA Sessions packs in samples of a full band recorded at United...

Harness the sound of a legendary studio with this comprehensive production toolkit.
Orchestral Tools Creative Soundpacks

Review: Orchestral Tools Creative Soundpacks

Known for its professional-level cinematic sounds, Orchestral Tools has turned esoteric with its new and interesting creative packs.

Access Phoenix Orchestra, the contemporary Chinese orchestra used in Mulan

Featuring 21 individual instruments, 7 ensembles, and 4 orchestral sections – authentically captured.
Orchestral Tools SINE Bundle

Orchestral Tools releases Metropolis Ark and Berin Orchestra Inspire SINE bundles

The company’s first two product bundles are on special offer until 25 August
Native Instruments Orchestral Tools Arkhis

Native Instruments and Orchestral Tools’s Arkhis creates compelling underscores

The Kontakt instrument uses sounds recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage to create vast cinematic patches.
Orchestral Tools Inspire 1

Orchestral Tools’s Inspire 1 collection comes to SINE Player

The virtual instrument is derived from the brand’s renowned Berlin Series

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