Point Blank Producer Analysis: Learn the Techniques Behind Burial’s Signature Sound

Chris Martin breaks down the techniques of a UK underground legend.

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Point Blank joins Tim Exile to explore his new music collaboration app, Endlesss.

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In this tutorial, Ben Bristow shows how to plan out your mixes and make your transitions sound flawless.
Point Blank History of Rap

Point Blank Masterclass: History and evolution of UK rap with Rodney P

The pioneering rap artist provides sage advice for standing out in the industry.

Point Blank Tutorial: Learn how to beatmatch on CDJs

Ben Bristow and DJ Ravine show you a simple hack to sync your tracks without sync.

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Point Blank Track Breakdown: Tones And I – Dance Monkey

Risa T deconstructs one of the biggest hits of 2019.

Point Blank Tutorial: Techno Production Tips with GNTN

GNTN share three essential techniques in their productions in this Masterclass video.
Point Blank Tom Hades

Point Blank Tutorial: Techno producer Tom Hades shares his production secrets

The music school hosted a masterclass at last year's ADE, which you can watch now.

Watch Iglooghost share the secrets behind his production techniques for Point Blank

The English electronic music producer heads to Point Blank Music School to show students his production process – and now you can see it too.

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