Polyend Artist's Edition Trackers

These three Polyend Trackers come with new samples and project files by artists

Legowelt, Pete Cannon and Bogdan Raczynski’s music is all featured – with a vinyl release included, too.
Polyend Tracker

The Big Review: Polyend Tracker

Conceived in the 1980s as a tool for videogame-sound development, the sample-based sequencers known as trackers have finally made the quantum leap from software to hardware – and in stylish fashion.
Polyend Tracker

The history of trackers

Few music-sequencing softwares have a history as distinctive as the tracker. With the epochal program now arriving in hardware form, we trace the tracker’s lineage, from its humble 8-bit beginnings to its era-defining rave sounds.
Polyend Medusa Black

Polyend Medusa gets a limited edition, minimal makeover

A major firmware upgrade to v3 brings new modulation possibilities

Polyend Tracker has landed, dialling us into a different age

An affordable price, a fresh workflow, and three synth engines that could have you tinkering for hours.

Polyend reveals the Tracker, exhibiting some old-school sequencing tech

A sampling instrument complete with FM synthesis and audio editor
Polyend sneak peek

What exactly is Polyend up to?

“We’re teasing! More information in March. Can’t wait to show you THIS!⁣”
Polyend preset white background

Polyend opens pre-orders for Preset, Poly 2 and Anywhere modules

The three units were revealed at Superbooth 2019.
Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa

Review: Polyend/Dreadbox Medusa

What happens when analogue meets digital, sequencer meets synth and Greece’s Dreadbox meet Poland’s Polyend? Time to stare into the eyes of Medusa…

Superbooth 2019: Polyend Medusa grows up with v2.0

Check out a demo of this analogue/digital hybrid synth.

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