Sample Science Rusty Piano

SampleScience Rusty Piano is a free plug-in for softly saturated piano sounds

Another freebie from the prolific software developer.
SampleScience Four EP

SampleScience drops Four EP, another free virtual instrument

If you’re in need of a simple electric keyboard plug-in, check out the brand’s latest freebie
SampleScience Room Piano v3

SampleScience gives away a piano plug-in ideal for lo-fi beats

Room Piano v3 gives you lightweight piano sounds with a nice room ambience
SampleScience Gorilla Bass

Junglists, check out SampleScience’s free Reese bass plug-in, Gorilla Bass

Gorilla Bass and Gorilla Bass Pro lets you quickly dial in dirty Reese basslines
SampleScience Pianotone 600

SampleScience releases a free emulation of the Jen Pianotone J-600

A classic electronic keyboard of the 70s gets a 2020 freeware reboot
SampleScience 808 Lab

SampleScience 808 Lab lets you play classic 808 sounds in key

Each drum sound also has its own set of sound-shaping parameters.
SampleScience VHS Dreamwaves

SampleScience drops its latest 80s-inspired instrument, VHS Dreamwaves

The independent software developer continues its quest to revive lo-fi sounds
samplescience vapordrums

SampleScience VaporDrums gives you instant elevator beats

The brand continues its journey into the sounds of vaporwave
Vaporwaves 3

SampleScience keeps the ecco jams going with Vaporwaves 3

The brand’s popular plug-in gets a new library of sounds.
SampleScience Cassette Roads

Create lo-fi lullabies with SampleScience’s free Cassette Roads

Sampled from cassette recordings of an electric piano.

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