Focusrite Sonible FAST Plug-in

Focusrite and Sonible team up on FAST AI-powered plug-ins

Three plug-ins have been released to intuitively help you in your mixdowns
Juan Dussán

Cyber Monday 2020: The best software deals for producers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for your plug-in folder.
Sonible Smart Reverb

Review: Sonible Smart:Reverb

AI specialists Sonible return with a smart new take on reverb, ready to breathe new life into your mixes.

sonible’s smart:reverb creates a custom reverb for every input signal

Hear your spaces change with each sound you run through the plug-in.

sonible gives out free ‘stay@home’ plug-in and hosts daily contest

Win a plug-in every day by getting the highest score on Arcade Game
Sonible Smart:comp plug-in layout

Sonible expands AI-based plug-in range with smart:comp

Plug-in suggests settings and dynamically evens out tonal imbalances.

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